What the FAQ, you say?

What is the difference between regular flip flops and Sole Printztm?

The biggest difference is the custom sand imprinting message that you can put on the bottom of Sole Printztm.  We carve your message on the bottom and you leave your message behind in the sand with every step you take!  Another difference is that if you choose you can put 1 or 2 photos on the top (on the foot bed) of your flip flops as well!

What kind of sand imprinting message can I make?

Just about anything you can find on a regular keyboard.  You are limited as to how many characters and spaces (see the individual item you are purchasing - there is a guide to how many letters for each size for each type of flip flop we carry), but we do have a little wiggle room.  So, tell us what you want on your soles and we'll let you know if we can't make it fit.  Naturally, we have to use a certain size font (we can't tell you what it is - it's a TRADE SECRET) in order for the imprint to show up nicely in the sand.  So don't buy a toddler's flip flop and ask us to carve "supercalafragalisticexpealadocious" on it.  :-)  If you need a particular character, line art or logo - just email us at admin@soleprintz.com and we'll see if we can do it!

Does it stamp in any kind of sand?

Just about.  We find that the imprints work better in soft dry sand or dirt but perhaps not as well in wet, packed sand.  We make no guarantees about snow prints, but who wears flip flops in the winter anyway?  (except maybe Canadians).  ;-)

How do I send you the image or photo?

When you purchase a custom photo pair of flip flops, there are two "upload image" links on the page.  You just upload your photos from your hard drive or your smart phone (iphone and ipad panorama pictures are THE BOMB).  The largest and highest quality photos work best for us, but our server limits photo uploads to 2mb each.  If you load a low quality or small image, it will not look nice and clear when we stretch it to fit the flip flop.  Also, if the photo is square, it will get skewed trying to make it fit a rectangular flip flops.  So don't come crying to me when Uncle Bob's head looks like it's 3 feet long and 6 inches wide!  :-)

How fast can you get them to me?  I'm getting married tomorrow!

While we produce these custom flip flops really quickly, we can't do them that fast and we can't make any promises.  We have to receive your image, manipulate it to fit our template, send you the proof, wait for it to come back with your approval, then we have to start production.  If you need them by a certain date, send us an email at admin@soleprintz.com and check before buying them.

If they don't make it by the date I need them by, can I return them?

Nope.  They're custom made and we don't make any promises as to when they will arrive.  There are too many variables outside of our control.  We can send them Priority or Express to get them to you quicker, but we can't promise anything.

If I don't like them, can I return or exchange them?


If they don't fit, can I return them?

Nope.  The exact length and width of the flip flops are provided for you to double check before you order.  Please ensure you are ordering the right size as each pair of flops is custom made for you and cannot be returned or exchanged if you make an error.

If you spelled my name wrong on the sand imprint, can I return them?

Yep.  If we made a mistake, we'll gladly fix it and send you a new pair, but we cannot offer any refunds.

Can I purchase a gift certificate for someone? I have no idea what they would want!

Yep.  Click here! When you redeem a gift certificate, do not put it in the coupon code box - gift certificate codes go in the "gift certificate" box in the payment option area on the final checkout page!