Design Ideas

Make a statement with every step you take!

What type of design are you going to put on YOUR Sole Printztm?  We have many colors and designs you can choose from or you can go HOG WILD and add your own image, design, or photo.  Don't forget to add your custom sand imprinting message to the bottom and you will leave your message behind in the sand or soft dirt with every step you take.  What better way to say "I love you" or "Will You Marry Me?", or to advertise your company? 

Here are some great ideas to consider:

  • Purchase our custom image/photo flip flops, add your image or photo (either same one on both flops or 2 different ones), AND you can add your sand imprinting message on the bottom as well!
  • Purchase our "stock design" image flip flops and add your own sand imprinting message to the bottom.
  • Need to add a custom logo or specific line art images?  Just contact our design team and we'll figure it out!

There is no minimum order - no "set up charge" no recurring fee!

Here are some other ideas and ways to use Sole Printztm:

  • Beach Weddings
  • Wedding Proposals (I wonder how long it will take her to notice you are leaving the message "will you marry me" in the sand as you walk along the beach - better video record this!)
  • Birthday parties (better than a bag o' candy, right?)
  • Retirement celebrations
  • Family Reunions (make those iPhone panorama pictures work for you!)
  • Graduation
  • Business promotions or advertising
  • Sport Team/Boosters

Have an idea but not sure if we can do it?  DARE US.  Email us at and if it can be done, you can count on us!